We founded SmallBusinessAdviser.com as the trusted adviser for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The greatest gift we have is our ability to share with others – an idea, a kernel of wisdom, our knowledge, or any other resource.

OUR MISSION – yours, ours, and our partners – is to plan a path to achievement that guarantees our shared success. Partner with us to empower small businesses and to help them  grow and create jobs.

Our purpose is to help the businesses that represent the muscle and sinew of our economy – the small businesses, the self-employed, the gig economy workers, the true entrepreneurs.
We believe that the hard work and ingenuity of the men and women who run the 50 million small businesses in America are shaping how we live today, making and selling products and providing services that actually put the money back into our economy – that will lead to the full turnaround of our country.


Our consultants mentor small business owners to help them develop their framework for success. Our objective is to collaborate with owners and entreprenuers to sustain the growth and turnaround of their businesses.


We advise founders and leaders with solving business problems and issues. We provide our clients fundamental business principles to quickly implement their plans and achieve sustainable results.


We work with backers who share our passion for investing in small businesses. We realized a long time ago investing in small businesses results in value creation for both the companies we back and for our local communities.

#TOGETHER We can combat covid-19

Financial relief
1. Small business paycheck protection loans- sba.gov
2. Small Business Grants Program from Facebook for Business- facebook.com/business/boost/grants

3. Yelp created a $25 million fund to provide relief to independently owned restaurant and nightlife businesses

4. Intuit Quickbooks teamed up with GoFundMe and Yelp to launch the Small Business Relief Initiative to provide small business owners with the financial support and resources needed to continue running their businesses during and after the coronavirus crisis.

5. Unemployment Insurance Work Sharing Program

Employers who are considering laying off employees due to a slowdown in business from the coronavirus can apply for the UI Work Sharing Program, which partially offsets reduced worker hours and wages with UI benefits. The program allows you to retain trained employees and quickly prepare for when business improves.

6. Rapid Response meets with business owners onsite to discuss strategies for avoiding potential layoffs and assist in providing further training to employees to increase the competitiveness and profitability of the business. To get started, contact America’s Job Center of California.
7. State tax extension. The Employment Development Department (EDD) of California will grant a 60-day tax extension for businesses that are experiencing hardship due to coronavirus. The tax extension will give more time for businesses to file state payroll reports and deposit state payroll taxes.

You must submit a written request within 60 days of your original delinquent date.

Want to build your businesses, grow your company and contribute to your community?

Our consulting services is open to the self-employed, entrepreneurs, not just small business owners. Our mentors provide strategic and operational advice, hands-on education and training.


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